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 Samurai Goroh Bio

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Samurai Goroh

Age: 45

BoD: 4, 22(according to Climax)

Blood Type: O+ (according to Climax)

GX Title: The Boss of Intergalactic Bandits

Bio: In outward appearance, Goroh is a bounty hunter just like Falcon, but in actuality, he is the boss of an intergalactic group of bandits with a terrible reputation. This group of cutthroats is said to use the Red Canyon for a hideout. Exactly what Goroh has plundered and extorted over the years is unknown. As a bounty hunter, he travels from planet to planet evaluating the value of possible spoils. He actually dreams of performing notorious deeds as a bounty hunter, but Falcon always seems to beat him to the punch in the newest and most profitable projects - Goroh is very bitter about this. he enters every grand prix without fail and is known as a rival of Falcon who will never stop trying to defeat him.

Fire Stingray #5

Body: A
Boost: D
Grip: B
Wt: 1,960 kg.

Engine: RS-5060 x2

Made By: Toraemon Echigoya

Bio: This machine is powered by two of the new model RS engines, which have highly advanced power capabilities. Unfortunately, due to it's excessive body weight, the machine has rather poor acceleration. The Fire Stingray's raw power manifests itself through a dangerously high maximum speed, making it a top-ranked contender. When racing this machine, pilots should make good use of boost power and try to control the machine while maintaining it's high speed. The Fire Stingray has a great reputation for cornering stability.
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Samurai Goroh Bio
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