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 Dr. Robert Stewart Bio

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PostSubject: Dr. Robert Stewart Bio   Dr. Robert Stewart Bio EmptySun Mar 21, 2010 6:12 am

Dr. Stewart

Age: 42

BoD: 2, 14(according to Climax)

Blood Type: AB+ (According to Climax)

GX Title: The Charismatic Pilot and Licensed M.D.

Bio: His real name is Robert Stewart. A long time ago, he was a charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, the death of his father, Professor Kevin Stewart, provided him with the opportunity to become a pilot. A regular racer with already over 10 years of experience, he is still considered a top-class pilot. As a racer, he's known for his refined technical prowess and friendly demeanor. In the big accident 4 years ago, Dr. Stewart put his skills as a paramedic to use and treated many of the injured. Miraculously, due to his heroic efforts, no fatalities occurred.

Golden Fox #3

Body: D
Boost: A
Grip: D
Wt: 1,420 kg. (1,020 in the SNES game)

Engine: GF-2614 x 4

Made By: Professor Kevin Stewart

Bio: When Building the Golden Fox, the late Kevin Stewart placed all priority on acceleration. Accordingly, the body is light and it's grip on the track is poor for such a powerful machine. Because of this design, when the Golden Fox corners, it is difficult to maintain a balance between speed and control. It is also admittedly weak when faced with attacks. A refined driving technique is an absolute requirement for it's pilot.
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Dr. Robert Stewart Bio
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