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PostSubject: Pico Profile   Pico Profile EmptySun Mar 21, 2010 6:24 am


Age: 124

BoD: 5, 18(according to Climax)

Blood Type: O+ (according to Climax)

GX title: Hard-boiled Ex-military Hitman

Bio: Pico was a member of a special unit of the Poripoto army and carried out a number of dangerous missions. He is very aggressive, yet cool-headed enough to do what needs to be done to the bitter end. Individuals who mess with him often don't live to do anything else. After, retirement, Pico opened a small shop near the military base, but he still operates as a notorious assassin. The accident 4 years ago is said to have been caused by his dangerous driving, and for this reason he is disliked by many of the F-Zero fans. This doesn't stop him from running the circuit as recklessly as always.

Wild Goose #6

Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: C
Wt: 1,620 kg.

Engine: ESB302 x3

Made by: General Repeat

Bio: The general of Death Window, the most elite fighting unit of the Poripoto military, designed this machine for use in command of the unit. When the general retired, the Wild Goose's military history was recognized, and it was adopted for racing. it is very resistant to damage and was made to perform attack runs. However, its weak acceleration and below-average drifting ability in corners are a bit disconcerting.
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Pico Profile
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