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 Captain Falcon Bio

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PostSubject: Captain Falcon Bio   Captain Falcon Bio EmptySun Mar 21, 2010 5:54 am

Captain Falcon

Age: 37

BoD: 4, 10(According to Climax)

Blood Type: A+ (According to Climax)

GX Title: The Bounty Hunter with a Mysterious Past

Bio: Captain Falcon was the winner of the Previous F-Zero Grand Prix, an achievement that boosted his already-high popularity even higher. Beyond racing, he is quite well-known as an extremely capable bounty hunter - just how many criminals he's brought in is unknown, but the number is said to be astronomic. Aside from the fact that he hails from Port Town, His past is a complete mystery. His mind & body are honed from the many battles he has survived, and there is no challenge he can't overcome.

Blue Falcon #7

Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B
Weight: 1,260 Kg. (1,280 Kg in the anime)

Engine: BF-2003 x 4 (1 in the anime)

Made By: Unknown, possibly Captain Falcon

Bio: Thanks to the efforts of it's pilot Captain Falcon, the Blue Falcon is well-balanced and impeccably tuned. With Relatively little training, even a novice racer could preform well in this machine. The engine it utilizes was built especially for Captain Falcon and is perfectly compatible with the fuselage.

Special Note: Please note I'm only going to use Canon information(aka what's present in GX) about the pilots, however due to Climax giving out Birth dates & Blood types I'll be using those until a new canon game either refutes them or changes them up abit. Also After I'm done with each pilot & machine profile I'll be adding their GX interviews & a little trivia section for them. I hope you all enjoy this.
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Captain Falcon Bio
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